Ramen – how the Japanese made the classic soup interesting

Japanese cuisine did not find the way to my plate until now, but the time has finally come for her. So, following our new column read all about this super popular japanese soup and then prepare it yourself at home.

Sushi did not even dare to work alone, but Ramen seemed to me a very feasible task. It is a Japanese soup that is based on light chicken, beetroot, sometimes even fish basal to which sausages, spices, and optionally meat, vegetables, mushrooms, eggs, noodles are added.

The origins of this dish have not yet been properly established because some believe it originates in China, while others believe it originates in Japan. What is certain is the fact that Ramenomania has spread all over the world today, so there are not many variants in Japan and China, but people around the world make their own versions.

There are several basic types, namely: Shōyu (a version of the soya that I used alone), Shio (salty Ramen), Miso (light chicken or vegetable foundation mixed with the traditional Japanese spice Miso that is made from fermented soybeans and has extraordinary a great nutritive value) and Curry (a soup of pork bones and vegetables spiced with Curry).

As I deeply appreciate the Japanese people and I know that everything should be of the tip-top, I decided to make a fair version that included different ingredients and processing methods. First I was thinking of buying noodlese (Chinese noodles), but I realized that it would not be and that it is not difficult to make a personal version at all. Noodles are made of flour and water, and can be added to the egg. What I particularly liked while I was researching the secrets of a good Ramen was the idea of ​​a marinated egg. The taste is fantastic and I was particularly pleased when I saw how an ideally cooked egg for Ramen must be exactly the kind I most love – the icing must be soft inside and cremated from the outside.

Eventually, when everything was agreed in one dish, it looked absolutely beautiful, rich in colors and smell great. I was smarter with the taste, so Ramen entered my TOP 3 list of Asian dishes.

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